Batteries will be Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA cells arranged in groups to provide higher voltages. Voltages required are expected to be: 12v, 5, 3.3v


Load: 2A for 10s every 15 minutes Load norm: 100mA continuous

  • Target battery drain = 250mA
  • Target battery low temp = -20C
  • Battery capacity @ 250mA @ -20C = 2800mAh

Amp Hours Needed: ({2 Amps} * {10 seconds}/{15 minutes} + {.1 Amps} * {15 minutes}/{15 minutes})*72 hrs = 8.8 A-H

At -20c, each string will have AT LEAST 2 A-H of capacity, giving a maximal number of strings as 5 (or, 50 batteries).

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