White Star Balloon Long-Duration Balloon Project Technical Documentation

This site is the live, working resource site for the balloon team. It serves as the repository of all information on the balloon program. All that we do is documented here, or linked to from here. It is not necessarily meant to be a nice to read website, it's meant to be a construction plan, a technical handbook, and an operations manual. You will find the nitty gritty of long duration ballooning here.

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Commonly used links/Information

Group/Mailing List
Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Spaceport Indiana Directions from LVL1

Main website: http://WhiteStarBalloon.com
Facebook page
UStream Live Video Channel

General info about these balloons


Details about each flight's specific systems, plans, and performance.


SpeedBall-1 First Long-duration flight attempt


SPITBall-1 Burst test flight of trans-atlantic balloon Nov 20 2011
Piggyback-1 Flew Nov 5 2010
HighBall-1 - Parted out for other flights, unflown

Mission Operations Pages

Mission Planning/Research Pages

Launch - sites, crew, procedures
Flight Dynamics - Modeling/predicting what the balloon will/should do
Flight Rules - Artificial constraints imposed upon in-flight decision-making
Flight Weather/Flight Path - data for flight decision-making and predicting the flight path
Airspace Notification Planning - talking to ATC about the balloon
General Constraints Guide
Launch Location Outline
Launch Window Outline

Design, Build and Materials Projects


Archive Data

Not Yet Reorganized



Balloon Icing

We suspect that hoar frost or rime icing may occur on the balloon envelope during certain conditions of flight. This could add significant weight to the balloon.

Our research info so far on icing

Balloon Flight Dynamics Performance

Several Papers describe small zero-pressure balloon research flights similar to ours.

White Star Team Analysis of Other Groups' Flight Data

Our Experiments


Branding Resources

  • White Star SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) logo: Logo
  • White Star Cryogenic Chamber Sign: Sign

To Do


LVL1 Reference Data

Outside Reference Data

Understanding the Jet Stream

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