1. Flight Computer
    1. Passives have not shipped
  2. Inversion rope
    1. Materials
      1. PTFE Floss braid
  3. Sensor String
    1. Still use bottom sensor
    2. Save rest for future flight
  4. Wireless sensor Mounting
    1. Mark can mount PVC pipe for top sensor
    2. Rigid sensor 2-6” from envelope
  5. BMP085
    1. Questions about sensor operating outside spec
  6. To Do
    1. Lock features down tuesday, try to avoid big redesign.
    2. Bare minimum work required to get flight computer ready for programming
    3. Define ballast controller specs
    4. Come up with software programming schedule
    5. Box up sensor string parts and store
    6. Program Arduino to talk to sat modem
    7. Pvc for Mark's Pics
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