Meeting for October 10, 2010

This meeting will be an all-day work and planning session.

Things to work on

  1. Assemble Bill Brown's Payloads
    1. Still need to test radios online with Bill. Need to get AGWPE working on the PC at the hackerspace
  2. Pack HighBall-1 flight computer
  3. Organize launch supplies to be ready for HighBall-1
  4. Cryo Chamber refit
    1. Insulation
    2. wiring port
  5. Satellite modem testing
  6. Ballast Bottle v1
    1. Collected tubing, valves and fittings needed for this. Enough for 1 bottle. Will need more clamps for the 2nd

Things to design/plan

  1. Power Controller
  2. Ballast Module
  3. Review Satellite Costs
  4. Gas Overflow Valve
  5. Orbcomm flight antenna

Thins to research

  1. Jet Stream altitude for highest speed
  2. Cloud Presence Sensor
  3. SNOX II Balloon vent diamensions
    1. 8” ID cardboard tube
    2. 3” tall
    3. 3/8” wall thickness
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