Conference Call

October 11, 2010

  1. Highball-1 Remaining to do
    1. Insurance
    2. Pack flight computer
    3. Tie payloads onto rope
    4. Verify bill's payloads work
  2. SpeedBall
    1. Mini Projects
      1. New project list format
      2. Projects Updates
        1. Ballast
          1. Tubing/fitting items all collected
          2. Don't forget filter
            1. Filter filling and filter going into valve?
          3. Will come up with black box interface spec
        2. Cryo Chamber
          1. Electronics mounted on board
          2. Software bug currently, will be looking at it on tuesday meeting
          3. Cable bulkhead
            1. Top possibly
            2. watch out for side cooling tubes
          4. Work on tuesday meeting
        3. Get stuff on demo for Sumo Bot meeting
      3. Recruiting from outside
        1. Other Hackerspaces
        2. Craigslist
        3. Bring in outside friends
        4. Cindy's class students
        5. Future flights: Engineering Capstone classes - Brad has connection
        6. RCRC modellers group
        7. Private pilots groups in the area
        8. Web
          1. Talk to John to put request to KYOSS meeting
      4. Get them organized for the mission
    2. Logistics
      1. ATC
        1. Get experienced pilot to advise on X-Atlantic ATC
        2. Recruit pilots to be the ATC 24-day liasons
    3. Meteorology
      1. Tim Dowling, Planetary Meteo will be coming to talk to us
        1. Will get local TV meteos involved
    4. Satellite
      1. First xfer
    5. Funding
      1. RCRC Group
      2. Private Pilot Groups
      3. Hot Air Balloon Pilot Groups
    6. Balloon buildings
      1. Test repair adhesives on SNOX II
    7. Launch Site
      1. May need to find new one
        1. Noise problem
        2. night lights
        3. power
    8. PR
      1. Get K-12 involved
      2. Messages in bottles
      3. Sandy doing blog entries weekly
        1. Update LVL1WhiteStar
      4. Balloon Party
        1. Inflate balloons - Latex and SNOX II
        2. Pass Hat
      5. Live video
        1. onto digital weather subcarriers of local station
        2. Local Cable Access Station
      6. Where's white star? campaign
        1. Turn launches into festival atmosphere
        2. Don't pin down site/date/time, let people twitter it
        3. Send out teaser amateur radio pings via APRS/HF, send twitter
        4. viral - send out youtube clip references on amateur radio
          1. Split message up between video and shortwave
      7. Make Magazine
        1. Ask Mark to send message to Make Editor Dale
        2. Submit Make articles ourselves -
    9. Motto Donation
      1. Greek: Pindar “Grant a straight course to the fair wind”

To Do

  • Take flight systems component breakdown like HighBall-1 page and fill it in - Tuesday meeting
  • Organize hardware into boxes for each mini-project
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