Conf Call October 25, 2010 9PM Eastern

  1. Progress updates
    1. PR
      1. Notification of places noted in last meeting?
        1. Reddit, Make Blog, Consuming Louisville, Mayor, KYOSS, Matt Frassica (C-J), IdeaFestival, European Science Radio Shows
        2. WFPL State of Affairs, Holly Rudolph (power creative PR)
        3. alumni organizations (IMSA, Univ of Chicago, Univ of Louisville)
    2. Existing Website
      1. Hosting Beefed up
      2. Pics Page up
      3. Funding Page updated
    3. Insurance
      1. Maybe talk to high power model rocket insurer
      2. Found XInsurance willing to give quote
      3. Carl will talk to Insurance Agent friend
      4. Any consideration to launch without it?
        1. We really should be good citizens and get some sort of protection
        2. Possibly could go without if we launch from east coast, but still poses risk to airplanes
  1. Balloon ordering priority items
    1. Vent Valve
      1. Decided not build valves into balloons at Global Western
      2. Get a spare vent tube for R&D of valve ASAP
      3. Waiting on mark for flow rate calcs
    2. Funding
      1. Pledgie updated for interim insurance estimate
      2. Meet to discuss face to face tues or thurs
    3. Specs communication
      1. Need to get response from mark on sensor hanging and tip-over
    4. Sensor String
      1. All parts ordered, should be here by weekend
      2. Tubing may be a problem received, but - stiff
  2. Mini Projects
    1. Flight Computer
    2. Cutdown
      1. Sending latest design info to Carl
    3. I2C Spec/library
    4. Cryo Chamber and Cryo Test Plans
      1. 24 hour tests preferred
      2. will start one tomorrow
    5. Ballast Valve
    6. Telemetry
      1. Lots done, still some more to go
      2. Determine extensible format for last minute additions/removals
    7. Power Controller
      1. Some parts selected
      2. Batt stack at 4.5v currently favored
    8. Ballast Controller
    9. Flight Dynamics Simulation
    10. Weather Data
  1. New Stuff
    1. PR
      1. Master Intro Video
        1. Tour of each balloon assembled before launch
        2. Have interviews with people responsible for each component
        3. Tim Roberts has graciously offered help with video editing
      2. Events
        1. Sumobot party invited us to talk
          1. Blow up balloon
            1. suspend it up off the ground
          2. wear shirts
            1. buy more
            2. Ask tad for some more
              1. Sizes:
                1. XXL: 1
                2. XL:
                3. L:
                4. M: 1
                5. S:
          3. Pass hat for donations
      3. Party planning
        1. Invite music
          1. Apples in Stereo Robert Schneider - Ask Chris
          2. Chris Cprek's band
          3. TMBG
        2. science demos
          1. Make some up
            1. Relevant to ballons
            2. Cryo chamber
            3. Bouyancy
            4. Tim's RC blimp? mind control
            5. Supercooled water freeze
          2. Invite some teachers/demo people
            1. Catherine
            2. Possibly Sam Dake
        3. How snacks?
          1. Pretzels, Chips, party food
          2. Supply soda, water
          3. BYOB
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