Conference Call November 15, 2010

  1. Finances
    1. Get Tally
  2. Balloon Purchase
    1. Mark said he would go ahead without David's Payment
  3. Party
    1. Schedule Prep Meeting
      1. Tuesday planning after meeting
      2. Friday night prep
    2. Advertising
      1. WHite star t-shirt graphic
      2. Verbiage - suggested donation
    3. Do a mock balloon inflation
      1. helium first
    4. T-shirts - similar distribution of sizes for party
      1. Want to have them to purchase online
        1. Zazzle, Cafepress, Printfection, Bill's neighbor, Tad's Dad
    5. Suggested Donation
      1. Sunny volunteered to be at the door collecting
  4. Projects Progress
    1. FC
      1. Software Progress Slow
      2. Hardware Working well thus far
      3. One built
    2. Ground Support Board
      1. Built
    3. Comms Board
      1. Still determining power conditioning
    4. Sensors
      1. GPS arrived
      2. Cloud sensor arrived
    5. Review project lists, which ones can be updated for others to join in
  5. SPI Interaction
    1. Involve in party planning
    2. Conf call before LVL1 meeting tuesday 7PM
    3. Get promo materials from him
  6. Help Intake liasionage
    1. Talk about tuesday
    2. Jose
  7. Safety Meeting
  8. Balloon Recovery from Piggy-1
    1. Tim can go tomorrow to ranch to get payload
    2. Bill can leave chainsaw at space
    3. Call brian and ranch owners
  9. Ballast test on Saturday
    1. Make sure there's a buddy on hazardous tests

To Do:

  1. Dan make PO out and email when check gets sent.
  2. Facebook event - Dan
  3. Pay Tad cash for first run of t-shirts at tuesday meeting
  4. Flight logic meeting sunday
  5. Safety Meeting Sunday Afternoon
  6. Conf call before LVL1 meeting tuesday 7PM
  7. Reorganize mini-projects section tuesday after LVL1 meeting
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