Meeting November 18, 2010

  1. Party Prep
    1. Also See Party Plans
    2. SNOX II patchup
      1. put out POLYETHYENE FILM TARPS - not the green ones
      2. inflate with shop vac
      3. find leaks, particularly in top quarter
      4. use clear tape (packing or scotch)
      5. Please leave inflated till I get there, the velocity photographer may come then.
    3. Set up tables in front space for demos, sales, balloon stuff
    4. Block off staircases VERY THOROUGHLY
    5. Put away all small items in hackerspace into the - cover the personal storage shelves if possible with green tarps.
      1. Move stuff to basement
    6. Block basement off
    7. Print more hackerspace waivers
    8. Print more LVL1 Quickstart flyers
    9. Set up digital signs on the edge of the rear loft - pwer them up
      1. Set countdown clock to countdown to 6AM December 18 2010
      2. Set LED sign to say something like “White Star SpeedBall-1 Balloon Launch Countdown”
    10. Make and put up big normal-style EXIT signs for front, rear, and middle doors (both sides of middle door)
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