Conf Call November 29, 2010

  1. Ballast Progress
    1. Drain curve for ballast is close to linear
    2. Data published on private page
    3. Working on ballast flowchart to match curve, track time
    4. Will get will with Travis for ballast drive circuit
  2. PCBs
    1. Comm Ctrlr - v1.0 ready to buy
    2. Power Ctrlr - v1.5 almost ready to buy - need heater circuit
    3. Sensor board (cloud, Accel, hosts ext temp/hum)
      1. Almost done - dan check at the end of this evening
    4. Ext temp/humidity board
      1. almost done - dan check at the end of this evening
    5. Ballast controller
  3. PCB Fab
    1. Goldphoenix
      1. Normal turn is 8 business days for $90
    2. PCBWing
    3. PCBFabrication
    4. $150 or less 1 week or less turnaround, do the order tomorrow
  4. Dan will foot bill for parts order this time
    1. Will be doing digikey, sparkfun order tomorrow
  5. Cutdown
    1. Carl nearly ready to send this week.
  6. Batt Test
    1. 2A for 55 minutes at 23C
  7. Batt attachments
    1. Spot welder from Bill
    2. Need to get nickel strips for tabs
    3. Prefer tabs to full strips between batts
  8. Top Sensor
    1. Xbee programming being done by bill
    2. Need to get better temp sensor
  9. Global Western Balloons
    1. Jose has check
    2. Awaiting details from mark

To Do:

  • Clean off trailer tues to allow bill to take, prep for inventory
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