Meeting Dec 2 2010

  1. To Cover
    1. Teams criteria for ATC and SPI pre-launch
      1. ATC Team member criteria
        1. +Aviation experience
        2. +Ham radio voice communication experience
        3. *Mature
        4. *Calm under pressure
        5. *Good hearing
        6. *Good with Voice chat software such as Skype
        7. *Able to Learn Phonetic Alphabet/Aviation terminology
        8. +Customer service experience
        9. +Call Center experience
      2. SPI Pre-Launch Team criteria
        1. Flexible evening availability Dec through April
        2. Have proper clothing to
          1. stand still outside for 3 hours in 0F with calm winds
          2. Occasionally Manipulate small objects in the cold
        3. At least two people that can lift a 75lb load from ground to 3ft
        4. Mature
        5. Work well on team
        6. Familiar with simple hand tools
        7. Cautious and observant of safety
    2. Funding to bank
      1. Mark will take on Friday
      2. Mark will inquire about checking acct
    3. Launch Safety Rules
      1. Review NASA report
    4. Electronics
    5. Software
    6. Modules Progress
      1. Standalone GPS Simulator


  • Prepped Cryo24 test of Lithium Battery
  • Provide Aviation terminology for ATC teams, with phonetic alphabet
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