December 6, 2010 Call

  1. High priority tasks progress reports
    1. Ballast controller
    2. Backend Database
      1. Will be done by tomorrow
    3. Mission Control database
      1. Layout of data flow unclear, need to meet ASAP on this.
    4. Top Temp Sensor
      1. Using thermistor and two-state voltage divider
      2. parts ordering tomorrow
    5. Cloud sensor
    6. FC Software
      1. Need to define document for scheduling
    7. CommCTRLR
      1. Software starting tomorrow
    8. Payload Box
      1. Being built by ben
  2. Meetings to schedule
    1. Web Telemetry
    2. Flight Rulemaking
      1. This Sunday 1PM
    3. Safety Rulemaking
      1. This Saturday 8PM
    4. ATC Team
    5. Mission Control Team
      1. Next Tuesday after LVL1 Meeting
  3. Events coming up
    1. Launch site inspection Sat Dec 11 2010 @ Spaceport Indiana
      1. Launch crew should come to this
      2. 10:30AM depart, return 5 or 6PM from LVL1
  4. Code+ electronics finalized by Next Monday 5PM or delay launch
    1. From there on, integration testing
    2. Cryo testing next week as software confirmed working
    3. Hardware
  5. Receive balloons by next wednesday from mark

To Do Tell brian to do PR

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