ATC Meeting

Using Conf Call # to join people in from remote. (605) 562-3000 846172#

To Do

  1. Add to procedures
    1. How to file notams for oceanic control area
    2. Call Launch site tower As soon as forecast establishes launch date (4 days prior)
    3. Get KBAK tower phone number
    4. What format does predicted flight path need to be in? Look at FAR, or call tower/center and ask
    5. Get High Altitude Charts - Joe
    6. ATC TEam must notify flight director when transitioning to Light Unmanned Free Balloon
    7. Flight must notify ATC of weight
    8. Make script to convert knots/altitude to mach number for Oceanic ARTCCs
    9. Skype calling procedure (3-way relay, call record)
    10. How to get clearance from NY Center
    11. Read back all instructions
    12. If Estimated arrival time changes by 3 minutes or more to predicted position, notify ATC
      1. How far off predicted position caused need to notify ATC?
    13. Add Position report format from Atlantic Orientation chart to ATC page
    14. Have Trajectory team update ATC when deviating from ETA on position report points
  2. Set up skype account and call recorder
  3. Set up live estimated time of arrival to next ATC reporting point


  1. HYSPLIT can be scripted to output the requested predicted position report
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