Conf call December 20, 2010

  1. Make Maps/Tracks as demoed on Ballast v1 page
  2. SCRUM
    1. With proper track planned, subsequent meetings/calls are updates on progress
    2. If we have build/integration layout, left to right
      1. only have to report (discuss) on blocks that aren't done
    3. use diagram to indicate wiring/rigging connection tasks
  3. Need the visual progress for everyone to follow, haven't been publishing project management
  4. People need something to mark their progress on to see that they are making progress
  5. Becomes excellent guide for next balloon, and future groups'
  1. Will need to buy bill a new Digi Jumpstart kit, retrieval of modem from tree is no longer possible
  2. Comm controller
    1. Needs factory reset
  3. Payload container
    1. get update from ben williams
    2. need to get PCB layout finalized
  4. Ballast Box
    1. May use a jumper cable to a socket at the top of the ballast bottle
  5. Batteries
    1. Tim has started welding the packs together
    2. Purchased by Jeff

Dan To Do:

  1. Bring cardboard to meeting
  2. Get PCB arrangements footprints
  3. talk about tomorrow night at meeting
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