Meeting Notes January 6, 2011

  1. Progress
    1. Comm Controller should be ready to do integration testing by saturday
    2. Envelope
      1. Inspection revealed major problems
      2. Consult lawyer for advice
      3. Do not open any of the 4 remaining balloons
    3. Wiki updated
  2. To Do
    1. Ballast
      1. Needs wrapping
      2. plumbing mounted
    2. Rigging
      1. Determine and document plan for this
    3. Write up sat antenna interference testing plan
    4. External Ground interface
    5. Temp/humidity sensor solar
      1. Build shield
      2. Remove humidity shield from sensor
    6. Review spec sheet on cloud sensor RE ambient light
    7. Temp sensor radiation shield
    8. Get Cable count
    9. Power Controller
      1. Test I2C interface and heater operation
    10. Fix resistor on heater transistor on power controller
    11. Cutdown
      1. Make Arduino to act like comm controller to send to carl
      2. Send Arduino and cutdown to carl
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