Meeting Notes

  1. Notes
  2. Internal Mission Control Web Page
    1. Map on it
    2. Shows any available values in data
  3. Flight Computer
    1. Awaiting Comm Controller
  4. GSP 1.5 board
    1. assembling
  5. Comm Controller
    1. still software coding
  6. HF rig
  7. Cutdown Board
    1. Ben was going to send to carl
  8. Antenna
    1. Still assembling mount
  9. Messages in bottles
    1. no word
  10. Hysplit
    1. manual atc requesting work in progress
    2. working on better time resolution
  11. GSP panel
    1. needs wiring
  12. Documentation for launch procedures and safety procedures
    1. Meet Brad, Joe for safety meeting this weekend in afternoon
  13. Balloon Problems
    1. Call mark on phone recording
      1. Ask for refund?
      2. Ask for repair?
    2. Have dan call NSC as SPI board member ask if they'd sell to spaceport indiana
    3. After all these fail, then we try to modify envelopes
    4. In the mean time, we should do non-destructive testing
      1. Inflate with he for top sensor
      2. Leak testing - problem is that we have to spend money to do this
        1. Hydrogen testing
          1. sniffer available cheap
          2. too flammable
        2. CO2
          1. will show leaks, but not permeability
        3. Helium air mix
          1. Inflate, measure lift over several days
          2. Must be very careful
        4. Steps to do:
          1. Air test first,
          2. If pass, then helium air mix
          3. If pass, then FLY
        5. Do we test every balloon?
          1. May owe it to safety to do some testing on every one
          2. Likely if the balloons hold air for several days, it wouldn't loose helium faster than we could ballast to a safe spot to cut down
      3. Continue to build payload 2345.

To Do:

  1. Call SPI and NSC about balloons
  2. Contact raj about ad service
  3. email orbcomm again
  4. Put carl's address in contact list
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