Meeting Notes

  1. Progress
    1. Comm Ctrlr
      1. none
    2. HF Antenna
      1. will be done tonight
    3. Booms
      1. Make removable
    4. Ground Software
      1. Uplink Web Page
        1. Not started, needs to be done in next 5 days
      2. Comm Link Server
        1. Not started, needs to be done in next 5 days
      3. Mission Control Dashboard
        1. Needs test data to validate
        2. Will be able to demo at tonight
    5. Assembly (seal) of box
      1. Awaiting:
        1. Cutdown
        2. Glue down batt box
        3. Glue down
    6. Hysplit Summary capability
      1. Can output 6-hourly predictions twitter or email
      2. In-flight path prediction
        1. Need to develop SQL database location reading from live data
        2. Public web map
        3. Mission Control Page
    7. ADs
      1. Use two
        1. One for sponsors
        2. One for money
    8. Chat
      1. Will look at tonight
    9. Manuals for SPI
      1. Ask Al Bowen to proofread
    10. GPS Simulators
  2. Tests To Do Before Flight
    1. Make Antenna Dummy Load
    2. Remove cloud sensor from boom
    3. Comm test to SPI
    4. Full scale Room temp Integration test
    5. Full scale Cryo temp integration test
    6. Assemble PCBs to main frame
    7. Glue batt box to tray
    8. Make support frame for ballast bottle in cryo chamber
    9. cloud sensor calibration

-cloud sensor sunlight effects -ballast algorithm & hardware in full GPS sim -power controller for satmodem tx

  1. To Do
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