Meeting February 10, 2011

  1. TO discuss
    1. uses google account
  3. Cornell launch
  4. xbee issues
    1. Bill tried at room temp, worked fine
    2. XBee config procedure will be documented by bill
  5. Cryo test for this weekend Saturday Morning at 11
    1. Test xBees
      1. test current xbee
      2. swap with current xbee
      3. Rated to -40C so should work
  6. Xbee emergency replacement
    1. Bill has some serial RF modules that may work
  7. Hysplit interfacing
    1. Auto generating control file for hysplit
    2. Getting close to completion
  8. Telemetry link simulator
    1. Comm Controller will output serial to PC
    2. PC will package up into email
    3. Bill P's orbcomm interface app will receive emails as if they were real orbcomm stuff
  9. IRC chat
    1. Probably mibbit
    2. Still need to integrate that into tracker
  10. Public tracker
    1. Ben Hibben now working with travis
    2. Ads
      1. combo of our own ads and google adwords
    3. Microdonation
      1. Flattr
      2. Paypal/pledgie - must be easy and simple
  11. Cutdown will be tested tonight
  12. HF Antenna
  13. SpeedBall-1 Batteries
    1. Bill P Has bought all Energizer e2 AA batts
    2. Bill will start building the next flight pack batteries this weekend
  14. SpeedBall-2
    1. Frame and box will start construction by gary
  15. Boom Disconnects
    1. Cloud
    2. Antenna
      1. tonight Joe


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