1. To Do
    1. Have way for MC to check backend telemeter database
    2. Mumble Backup Server
    3. Setup HYSPLIT out of LVL1
    4. Add HF radio reset sequence jumper to launch checklist
    5. Add NTP Time sync to clients
    6. Add remove plug to launch site checklist
    7. Add auto tracking setting to DL-FLDIGI at launch site and LVL1
    8. Verify heartbeats are getting through before launch, and in air before setting cutdown timer to lower value
    9. Identify some sort of recurring software timer for heartbeats and ATC callins
    10. Add satellite latency info for ATC Liasons to relay
    11. Add uplinked command log
    12. tell orbcomm where we are every hour
    13. When issuing any cutdown command, increase rates to descent rates immediately.
    14. Review descent data channels and rates
      1. All external sensors on
      2. Alt, Lat Lon, HDOP, VDOP
    15. Invert 3.3v logic for HF GPS simulator input
  1. Problems with uplink
    1. Every time a letter must be sent in hex from the webpage it does not send.
    2. Manual Commands send all zeroes
    3. Set Cutdown to X time and reset doesn't send anything to comm ctrl
    4. Custom Bitmask Doesn't work (Bad PKTADDR)
    5. Max Allowable TX interval (sends nothing)
    6. Cutdown at a given time (sends nothing)
    7. Set Short report TX interval
    8. Update Time to HF TX
  2. Uplink working
    1. FCPU Data Dump
    2. Cutdown Reset
    3. Set Flight Phase
    4. Ballast altitude
    5. Ballast Target + Vspeed
    6. Over Ocean Flag
    7. Sunrise Anticipation
    8. Night Temperature
    9. Set Data Sample Interval
    10. Set Data Transmit Interval
    11. Set Data Speed Dial
    12. Battery heater setpoint
    13. Strobe Toggle
    14. Ballast Safety Threshold
    15. HF TX Interval
    16. Cutdown NOW!
    17. Drop X Grams
    18. Disarm Auto Ballast
    19. ReArm Auto Ballast
    20. Set Mayday Vspeed (it is cumbersome to set a negative number in two bytes, though)
    21. Set Mayday Alt.
    22. Set rapid HF TX period
    23. Ballast negative vspeed target
    24. Enable Reports
    25. Disable Reports
    26. Length of time for HF TX to be active
    27. Epoch Lock
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