Mission Simulation 5

Testing alternate values for :
Set Data Sample interval to 300 s
MC Sim 5: 300s [0x0A 0x06 0x01 0x2c]
Set Long Report interval to 900 s
MC Sim 5: 900s [0x0A 0x07 0x03 0x84]
Set Short Report interval to 900 s
MC Sim 5: 877s [0x0A 0x1B 0x03 0x6D]

To Do During Sim

  • Division of In-Flight Tasks
    • Comms - Joe P
    • Science - Dan
    • ATC - Joe L
    • PROCEDURES - Todd
    • Network Systems - Tyler
    • Web - Tyler
    • FD - Jose

To Add to Procedures

  • Weigh Payloads and confirm to mission control

Problems Found

  • data sample rate failed to set when given 300 or 60. remained at 30.
  • setting hf transmit interval to FF FF results in -1 data dump
  • Add power on sat modem to checklist
    • Done
  • Add chromeReload extension to desktop builds
  • rear two MC computers kept losing ethernet
  • Make all payload setup commands respond with entered value on GSP link
  • Add SHort report trigger command
  • Do not shut down sat when arriving at launch site, to preserve stored data reports
  • Add CC parse the transmit send results packet from the sat modem, and send to GSP
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