Mission Control Sim

Problems encountered

  1. Set epoch in database not documented where/how? Tyler or bill knows. No impact on simulation.
  2. Problem with serproxy having low timeout
  3. Sat host Y adapter frequently disconnects while being moved around
  4. SpaceNear.us needs track clear must be added to mission control checklist
  5. Look into java uplink command log - it's showing commands in it that DID NOT GET UPLINKED due to the IP address of the applet being set wrong. This should only show commands that have been uplinked to orbcomm.
  6. Make sure heartbeat timer person starts monitoring heartbeat timer as soon as cutdown is energized. ONLY SAT COMMANDS RESET HEARTBEAT TIMER
  7. Add to prelaunch settings:
    1. Set BALLAST ALTITUDE TARGET METERS to cruise values
    2. POSITIVE VERTICAL SPEED TARGET to cruise values
    3. BALLAST ALTITUDE TARGET METERS to cruise values
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