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Sim 8


  • Need to pre-decide out all variable values before launch checklist starts
  • uploading command Set Short Report Interval causes java console problem, and does not show up in the send log.
  • Long Reports on the map do not show any heading or speed. Still show Heading 0, Speed 0. - done jcoxon
  • Short Reports on the map show all Heading 0, Speed 0 - done jcoxon
  • Hysplit not plotting path - this should be added to the prelaunch checklist
  • Need to be able to set the uplink alarm timer length with GUI
  • Last update on track page not updating
  • Last update on track page too busy - just something simple like “Last heard from x minutes ago”, unless it's more than 1000, then display the current format.
  • HYSPLIT live prediction not working
  • Time wrong in HYSPLIT ATC sample, but it may be pulling the correct sample coordinates
  • Must get some data channels onto the map display! - done jcoxon
  • Not seeing response from cutdown timer interval change
  • Batt temp not displaying when temp set to +40C - brad says it should display when batts temp is below setpoint +5
  • wireless sensor is not working
  • telemetry parsing backup?
  • hysplit backup?
  • any backups?
  • how to health check hysplit


  • Sections detailing all satellite antenna stuff in van is missing from mission control checklist
  • Switch Bus Pirate to BPE acroymn
  • Need to implement sending only latest ATC report
  • Need to implement clearing inbound messages out of the queue
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