White Star Balloon Meeting Notes

September 22, 2011

Dan brought in a large circular fluorescent white light

  • Should be used to make a White Star logo light for display

New task tracker introduced for consideration, hosted by trello.com

  • Team decided to continue to use Pivotal Tracker for convenience

Several loose ends to tie up from Maker Faire

  • Need to make some PR contacts
  • Ivan at Orbcomm
  • John at University of CA San Diego and want to fly Orbcomm modems
  • Contact MAKE for more visibility and possible donations

Communications Controller Board

  • Two paths moving forward:
  • 1. Continue using Orbcomm, means we need to redesign board to include larger memory
  • 2. Hack and integrate new satellite transciever
  • Decided to wait 4 weeks before making progress


  • Needs to be organized in order to complete Speedball-2 and to start super pressure experiments
  • Suggestion: Wait until after first successful balloon launch in order to increase income impact

Jet stream observation

  • Could have launched tonight and landed near Southern Portugal
  • Summer produces wind eddies; we need a continuous stream

Speedball-1 Pivotal Tracker Clean Up

  • See pivotal tracker for new list [link]


  • Goal is to film/record pictures of trip for verification
  • Previously, keychain camera would not operate correctly
  • Choice presented to continue keychain camera development or find new camera
  • Team decided to continue development of keychain camera

World Record Status

  • Need to make contact with NAA to obtain information about being considered for a world aeronautical record
  • Most likely need someone dedicated to this endeavor

Corporation status needs to be reinstated


  • Humidity sensor needs to be calibrated; it's our way of detecting frost point
  • Temperature sensor for similar reasons

Humidity Testing

  • Looking to develop a humidity testing chamber or to use an existing one for calibration and testing

Test flight battery pack voltage still needs to be checked.

Air Traffic Control Team

  • Documentation needs to be reviewed
  • Team needs to be recruited and needs a considerable amount of practice

Ground battery pack to be replaced by a large battery to resolve D cell problem.

Cryo chamber needs to be repaired.

New valve design is being worked on.

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