Meeting 20120329

  1. Official Mission Control Simulation B1 This Weekend
    1. Appoint test director
      1. Pat Tentativley
      2. RUN the test, tell everyone what to do, make sure people are there, tell them when to start the test, make sure all goals are attempted and observations recorded.
    2. Short initial sim split into two parts
      1. Preflight sim
      2. Launch sim
    3. Priority work - for BEFORE this Saturday at 10AM:
      1. Recompile Java Uplink App for JRE 1.6.0
      2. Fix HYSPLIT plotting on ATC maps
      3. Comm Controller watchdog
      4. Flight computer
  2. Progress Updates
    1. Antennas
      1. Bought two Sarantel iridium SMA antennas for SB-1 and SB-2
      2. Colinear homebrew made and sent by Carl, evaluate performance of this later
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