SNOX IV Telemetry

Data Element Dictionary

Data ElementDefinitionUnit
SequenceOrdinal Count Integer assigned by Flight Computer based upon transmission sequence. Note: Count began prior to launch.none
DAY / UTCMission clock. Based on Universal Time Clock. First digit is mission day, begins at 1. Next two digits are hourly time of day based on UTC. Next two digits are minutes based on UTC. Hours and minute entries are not initialized to zero at mission start. These represent Greenwich time at time of launch.format
LatLatitude of balloon. Represented in +/- two digit degrees and two digit minutes. Decimal value represents decimal minutes.format
LongLongitude of balloon. Represented in +/- three digit degrees and two digit minutes. Decimal value represents decimal minutes.format
AltitudeAltitude of balloon. Integer value in meters.meters
HeadingFlight path direction in clockwise degrees from true north.degrees
SpeedSpeed of balloon.knots
FixStatus of GPS as capable of a valid solution. One (1) means valid.status
Number of SatsNumber of satellites used in GPS solution. Data not valid.integer
HDOPHorizontal Dilution of Precisiondecimal number 0 to 10
Volts TXVoltage of transmitter battery pack.volts
Volts CPUVoltage of battery pack for CPU and non- heating or transmitting systems.volts
Climb AvgClimb rate average of balloon over the last minute. Meters/Minute
SecondsHeatCumulative time heater was active in seconds.seconds
Deg C InTemperature of Flight Computer PCB in Celsius.Celcius
Deg C OutTemperature of electronics payload box underside in Celsius.Celsius
ClimbTelemetry signal repurpose. Maximum altitude reading for flight at that time.meters
BallastCumulative time in seconds that ballast valve was open.seconds
PhaseRepresent flight phase at time of reading. 0-Prelaunch 1-Initial Climb 2-Float at cruise altitude.status
TicksUnix time.seconds
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