Airspace Notification Planning/Research

White Star In-Flight Airspace Notification Manual - Build the manual based on research here.
General Information for FAA/ATC - This page is for the FAA/ATC Airspace Control agencies to read about us.

Live NAT and Weather Maps:

Live Atlantic ATC Radio Streams:

To Do

  • Find/highlight/copy relevant sections of the NAT MNPS manual1) to the WS In-Flight manual

Position Reports

FAA Regulation on position report contents and frequency: CFR Part 101.39

Important Reference Info


RVSM Levels: FL 310 to FL430 Oceanic controlled airspace: FL55 to FL600


NAT TRACKS message time of publication of the day-time OTS is 2200 UTC and of the night-time OTS is 1400 UTC.


SpeedBall as seen by the law

Classified as a Medium Unmanned Free Balloon2), having a total of 5.4kg payload as two packages.

NAT ATC Procedures References

Wikipedia General Introduction to NAT
ICAO NAT MNPS Operating Handbook 2009 for the information of pilots and dispatchers planning and conducting operations in North Atlantic (NAT) Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS) Airspace.

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