Balloon Sensor Node v2 Wireless


Some parts on scale, Scale of assembly


  • Battery
    • SAFT LO35SX STS 2/3 C (Rated to -60C, 1.5A continuous current)
    • or (2)Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAs
  • XBee Series 2 w Chip Antenna 2.4GHz (2.1v to 3.6v input, with built-in A/D channels)
  • LM135 Linear Output Voltage Analog Temperature Sensor (-55C min)

Configuring Xbee Series 2

There are several options for connecting the Xbee. You can use a board such as the XBee shield, XBee Explorer, XBee Explorer Dongle, XBee Break out all from Sparkfun or connect directly to the Xbee pins. This information is assuming you only have an XBee Series 2 module and FTDI cable and a 3.3 volt power source.

Items Needed

The Xbee will be configured to read an analog voltage from 0v - 1200mv with 10bit resolution on DIO-0 (which can actually read analog) The following commands will need to be set for each module:

Remote Sensor

D0 2 – Sets DIO-0 to mode 2 analog read ID 1234 – PAN ID set to
DL 10 – Destination
MY 11 – Source

Controller Module

ID 1234 – PAN ID set to
DL 11 – Destination
MY 10 – Source

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