Venus GPS Module

This module is based on the Venus SkyTraq 634LPx chipset. This chip is a single-chip GPS solution, verified to work at high-altitudes. By default, the GPS outputs serially 1Hz NMEA data at 9600 BPS, 8N1. This can be increased up to 10Hz, 115200 BPS, 8N1. There is also a binary data interface mode.

By default, this GPS unit outputs the following NMEA strings:
GPGGA (Time and Position)
GPGSA (DOP and Active Sat Data)
GPRMC (Minimum Specific Data by some standard)
GPVTG (Ground Track Data)
GPGSV (One line per active satellite, giving satellite info)

If the GPS unit has a GPS lock, the red light will blink.

The GPS is currently connected as follows:
RX (Flight Computer, Pin 3, Green Stripe) → TX (GPS)
TX (Flight Computer, Pin 4, Green Solid) → RX (GPS)

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