The Motorola i296 is a phone from Motorola's iDEN line. This phone is only available from Boost Mobile in the Louisville area. It currently costs $60, and prepaid phone service is available for $2 per day. Pay-as-you go costs 10 cents per minute, 10 cents per text-message, and 35 cents per day for unlimited internet. The iDEN network is a method for trunking both radio and cellular communications, and operates using TDMA, resulting in an ability to support many more units per cell than GSM technology.

These units include built-in GPS and Bluetooth. They do not support SMS, but do support MMS. These units are great GPS transponders, due to the built-in GPS and cheap internet connectivity. Furthermore, they can be easily programmed in Java using the J2ME SDKs available from Motorola. Below are the steps I followed to develop for this phone:

How to Develop for the i296

  1. Download Eclipse and Eclipse Pulsar.
  2. Sign up for a developer account at http://wwww.http://developer.motorola.com/
  3. Install MOTODEV Studio, and integrate into Eclipse Pulsar according to included instructions.
  4. Download the iDEN Java Application Loader http://developer.motorola.com/docstools/idenjal/openJAL/
  5. Go to Radioshack and spend $15 on a Mini-to-Micro USB converter because you don't have one and really want to start developing today.

Now you're ready to develop for the i296. The CommandTest example included with MOTODEV studio is a good example to look at for the structure of a J2ME MIDLET. This project will correctly build a .jad file, which can be uploaded to the phone using the Java Application Loader (JAL). To use the JAL, exit any Java programs, connect the phone to the PC, and click “Connect to Phone.” The first time you do this, it'll take a few minutes, while the JAL configures drivers. Before you can install or upgrade any applications, disconnect the JAL.

You'll need both the MOTODEV SDK and the i290 SDK. The i290 SDK includes an emulator that more accurately describes how the i296 will behave using a given piece of software.

Additional Resources

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