Internal Sensor Module

Bill Of Materials

This is the Internal Sensor Module. This connects to the White Star Bus, and includes an Arduino FIO as a Microcontroller module. Included are connectors for the 6-pin Cloud/Dust Sensor, and a header for the external temperature and humidity measurement board. Also included are optional components for an I2C level boost to the external temperature and humidity measurement board. Furthermore, a 3-axis accelerometer is included for completeness. Digital Pins are broken out into headers for more GPIO. The FIO can also be used to house an Xbee for wireless sensing applications (freeing the communications board).

Sensors connected

  • Xbee remote temp sensor | temp sensor over xbee up at the top
  • Analog cloud dust sensor | SHARP GP2Y1010AU0F
  • Analog Humidity sensor | HIH-4030
  • I2C Temp Sensor | tmp 100
i2c stuff
Device Address arduino Hex Add atmel Location
Int Sensor Module* 0b0001010 0xA 0x14 Internal Sensor Module
SensorType String Practice safe HEX Sensor Description
01001 0x9 Dust Sensor Arbitrary value type int always positive
00100 0x4 Humidity gives you humidity, needs to be calculated for a 3.3v type int always positive
01010 0xA Xbee Temp Sensor Top of the balloon type int
01110 0xE Camera 5 Min Run record 5 Mins
01100 0xC Camera On Starts to record
01101 0xD Camera Off Stops the record
00001 0x1 DEBUG toggle toggles serial debug : default off
00010 0x2 Sleepmode toggle toggles sleep mode : default on

Read a Sensor Value from Controller

Send Sensor Choice as one byte
Dust Sensor =  0x9
Humidity =  0x4
Xbee Temp Sensor =  0xA

Sensor Board always return 2 bytes
1st Byte is MSB
2nd Byte is LSB
Calculate total value as ((MSB * 256) + LSB)
External sensor Breakout

65cm Wires

Pin Function wire
1 3.3 White
2 SDA Blue
3 SCL Trigger Purple
4 Humidity Brown
5 GND Black
Dust sensor Port

40cm Wires

Pin Function Gary Pin fio pinwire
1 LED Power unused
2 GND unused
3 LED Trigger L D11Blue
4 GND - busBlack
5 Analog D A6Brown
6 +5v + VCCPurple

on the external breakout board hanging down under the box

Solder Jumpers

  1. LCH
    1. I2C Clock voltage level
    2. Options
      1. L
        1. 3.3v
      2. H
        1. High voltage, 12v in this design
  2. HDL
    1. I2C Data line level
    2. Options
      1. L
        1. 3.3v
      2. H
        1. High voltage, 12v in this design

Configure Xbee Modules

Use the X-ctu xbee configuratino utility from Digi (Install file in Dropbox WhiteStarSharedFiles\Code\internalsensorboard\Sources\XBeeTempSensor\X-ctu Configurations) Load the following configuration files.

  • Unordered List Item- Top Xbee Endpoint : endpoint or endpoint for 30 or 60 sec readings respectively
  • Unordered List Item- Bottom Xbee Coordinator :

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