Primary Payload Container

Build Conventions When Discussing Payload Outer Container

Face A = Bottom
Face B = Top
Face C = Right
Face D = Back
Face E = Left
Face F = Front

For reference, if the container is resting on Bottom (Face A) and you are facing the Front (Face F) then Face C is on your right and Face E is on your left.

Attachments, Rigging and Wiring To/From Primary Payload Container

Top (Face B)
* Two Rigging Ropes to Cut-Down Device
* One Rope for Envelope Inversion Upon Cut-Down

Bottom (Face A)
* Four Rigging Ropes to Ballast Container
* One Sensor Line (temp. and humidity sensors on same line/multiple wires ???)
* Ballast Valve Power Line (two wires)
* Launch Confirmation Jack (two wires)


Ground Support Panel

  • Power Handoff Switch
    • Switches raw battery power between ground support source and internal batteries.
  • Ground Support Connection
  • Launch Confirmation jack pigtail

DB9 Plug Wiring Pinout

Pin # Function
1 3.3v pwr out
3 GSP VBatt
8 GSP VBatt
9 GSP VBatt

Note: The 3.3 volt line is actually sourced from the payload power controller. The ground support hardware is powered from the ground support batteries AFTER the power is routed through the payload power controller.

Wiring Diagram

Cable Wiring

Line Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 4 Pin 5 Pin 6 Pin 7 Pin 8 Pin 9 Ends Connector Note
Standard Bus 12v 3.3v 5v GND SDA SCL GND GPIO Dual 8 Pin Molex Ends Same
Antennas Center Shield Single Various
Valve Power 12v N/C GND Dual 3 Pin Molex Ends Same
Cut-Down to CC GND RXI TXO Dual 3 Pin XXXXX Cut-Down Controller End
Cut-Down to CC GPIO TXO RXI GND Dual 4 Pin XXXXX Comm. Controller End
Cut-Down to PSS 5v Single Screw Term. Single Wire
Cut-Down to Battery Box GND Single Screw Term. Single Wire
GSC to FC N/C 3.3v 5v GND SDA SCL N/C N/C Dual 8 Pin Molex Flight Computer Connector
GSC to FC 3.3v GND VBatt SCL SDA GND GND VBatt VBatt Dual DIN 9 Exterior Plug
Battery Box to PSS 6v 12v V Reg + Soldered Wires
GSC to PSS 12v Soldered Wire
HF Radio Com. N/C N/C N/C GND Serial data from ExtTX Serial data to ExtTX Com. Cntrl Plug
HF Radio Com. HF Radio Plug
GPS Wiring 3.3v N/C TX RX N/C GND Single 6 Pin Molex
Cloud Sensor N/C 5v Snsr ANLG GND LED Trig. N/C Single 6 Pin Molex
Temp/HMD Sensor N/C 3.3v SDA SCL HMD/ANLG GND Single 6 Pin Molex
Data Logger Data GND N/C N/C TX RX N/C Single 6 Pin Molex
Data Logger PWR N/C 3.3v N/C GND N/C N/C N/C N/C Single 8 Pin Molex
Strobe Line N/C N/C 5v GND N/C N/C N/C N/C Single 8 Pin Molex
ERP to FC N/C N/C N/C N/C N/C N/C GND GPIO Single 8 Pin Molex Refers to FC Connector End
Ground Support Cord 3.3v GND VBatt SCL SDA GND GND VBatt VBatt Dual DIN 9 Ends Same
HF Radio Power + 12v Soldered

Ground Support Wiring Diagram

Note: Switch shows Ground Support Power position.
Note: Internal Payload Cage is electrically grounded.

Flight Computer Connector Population

Main Bus
Position Item
I2C-1 External Sensor Controller
I2C-2 Ballast Controller
I2C-3 Ground Support Connector
I2C-4 Power Controller
I2C-5 Satellite Modem
I2C-6 Data Logger
I2C-7 Strobe
I2C-8 Epoch Socket/Release Plug
I2C-9 Single Soldered Wire
Auxilary Connectors
FDTI Data Logger Data
GPS GPS Wiring

Notes :

Battery Heater not active in battery box. Wires were trimmed and not connected. 2/15/2011.


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