Digi m10 Debig port command list

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All Available MQ100 Commands

 1.Print All Commands
 2.Set Command
 3.Get Command
 4.SC Originated Message
 5.SC Default Message
 6.SC Originated Report
 7.SC Default Report
 8.SC Originated GlobalGram
 9.SC Communication Command
 10.SC Configuration Command
 11.Debug On/Off
 12.ASIC Parameters
 13.Read SCT Messages
 14.Set Debug Levels
 15.View Modem Configuration
 16.Enable Multiple Message Transmit
 17.System Parameter
 18.System Parameter
 21.Lock To Given Channel
 22.SP Parameter Setting
 23.Application Upgrade
 24.Six Seconds Transmit
 25.Set System Time
 26.Restart Modem
 27.Pic Upgrade
 28.Exit Six Second Tx
 29.Set SC Serial Number
 30.Get SC Serial Number
 31.Get Raw Digitals
 32.Get Filtered Digitals
 33.Set Digital Channel
 34.Set Digital Alarm
 35.Get Digital Report
 36.Get Digital Configuration
 37.Set Digital Configuration
 38.Set Digital Active Time
 39.Set Digital Transition Count
 40.Set Digtial Sampling Interval
 41.Get Digital Sampling Interval
 42.Get PIC Time
 43.Get Analog Values
 44.Get Analog Report
 45.Get Analog Channel Config
 46.Set Analog Channel Config
 47.Set Analog Active Time
 48.Set Analog Transition Count
 49.Put DSP To Hibernation
 50.Get Serial Config
 51.Set Serial Config
 52.Set Extended Digital Channel configuration
 53.Get Extended Digital Channel configuration
 54.Get Extended Raw Digitals
 55.Set Extended Digital channel output
 56.Send Serial Data to Host Port
 57.Set GPS State
 58.Get GPS State
 59.Get Antenna status
 60.Erase all configuration
 61.Get GPS Fix status
 62.Get GPS Fix
 63.Get GPS Fix Age
 64.Get last valid GPS fix
 65.Application User Command
 66.Get Receiver Statistics
 67.Show Serial Packets in Que
 68.Enable/Disable Forward Modem Test
 69.Get Receiver state
 70.Set Receiver state
 71.Stop Application command
 72.Config IO's
 73.Put DSP To Hibernation now
 74.Cancel DSP Hibernation
 75.Put DSP To Deep Hibernation
 76.Get RTC Time
 77.Set RTC Alarm
 78.Configure CCLK and SCLK
 79.Display Temperature
 80.Do satellite test
 81.Task Stack Usage
 82.Low Power Rx-Tx Mode
 83.Disable Receive-Only Mode
 84.3 Seconds Sine Tx
 85.3 Seconds SDPSK Tx
 86.Display Performance Stats
 87.Erase Performance Stats
 88.Force SC to Re-Acquistion
 90.Set Rtc Sampling
 91.Enable DTR
 92.Disable DTR
 93.Get DTR configuration
 94.Configure Non interruptible digitals
 95.Get Configuration Non interruptible digitals
 96.Set Parameter IIC
 97.Get Parameter IIC
 98.Enable/Disable Storing Perf Stats
 99.Start Production Test
 100.Retrieve Production Test Results
 101.Get MCU firmware Version
 102.Set Orbcomm Serial Port
 110.Adjust Agg Mode
 244.Read Tx/Rx IDs
 245.Set Tx/Rx IDs
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