Orbcomm SMTP Email and XML Message Formatting

Messages can be sent as email or XML interface.

Email Headers


Satellite modem's serial number + x1@orbcomm.net

Example: m99999999999x1@orbcomm.net


Message Type


5-byte uplink command. Put this in the subject line:


A message has variable length data. No special subject line is needed to indicate it's a message.

Delivery Tracking (optional)

Adding [CONFIRM=#] to the end of the subject will get you a confirmation email response.
3 = Email response on failure to deliver to SC, no email on success.
4 = Email response on failure to deliver to SC, and also on success.


MESSAGE ID: (optional)

The message ID header can be set by the customer in the original SC-terminated message by specifying a unique string of up to 40 characters in a SMTP header field entitled “Message-ID”. This ID will be preserved as part of the OMS Message ID returned in the confirmation. They must be unique.

It will not be delivered to the SC.

Body Type:

Binary messages should carry the field:

Content-Type: application/octet-stream

Additionally, binary messages should be MIME-encoded and should specify that encoding in the message header:

Content-Transfer-Encoding: Base64

Priority: (optional)

The priority of an SC-terminated message can be set using the SMTP header of the same name. ORBCOMM recognizes values of “Non-urgent”, Normal”, and “Urgent”.

Priority: Non-urgent

Data Attachment

Raw binary file should be attached, with an 8.3 format filename, ending in .dat. Name does not seem to matter.

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