Launch Location - Definition: Where We Launch the Balloon.

Decision: (none)

Launcher Area Layout

Consideration: Clear of obstructions taller than 50 feet and power lines for at least 100 yards downwind.

Consideration: Clear of obstructions taller than 10 feet at least 50 yards downwind.

Consideration: Absolutely no sharp objects or corners in/on the ground for 100 feet from anywhere the balloon will be while lying on the ground, or while tethered to a ground handler.

Launch Area Infrastructure

Consideration: Some paved surface is recommended for ease of setting out tarps and tools and rolling heavy tanks around.

Consideration: Accessible closely by pickup truck - helium T cylinders are over 150lbs.

Consideration: Site should be available for 3 hours before and 3 hours after planned launch time.

Consideration: Site has power source available.

Launch Area WRT Flight Path

Consideration: Site should not be within controlled airspace classes B, C or D, unless permission is expressly obtained and activity coordinated with coordinating authority.

Consideration: Site should not allow common flight paths to pass into controlled airspace classes B, C or D. Some of these airspaces extend up to 10,000ft MSL.

Consideration: Inquire with local ATC for where approach/departure paths for high traffic runways are, and avoid flight through these corridors as well.

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