Cell Phone Start Up


Last minute test flight opportunity came up to fly some of our hardware on board a SpacePort Indiana flight.

Time: November 5, 2010 at 8AM EDT

Video: To view the stream: http://www.batc.tv click on Members Streams….then select WB8ELK from the list and hit View Stream.

Payloads Flying

  • Bill Brown APRS
  • Bill Brown Domino
  • Highball-1 Flight Computer
  • Digi m10 Satellite Modem Datalogger

Wire Cut Time

  • 09:09:44 EDT
  • 13:09:44 UTC

Balloon Release Time

  • 09:26:45 EDT
  • 13:26:45 UTC
8:32 tdmart05: after a 2 hour flight
8:32 wb8elk: actually when I call his iPhone it goes off Ustream
8:32 wb8elk: I just hung up so it should be back in a minute
8:33 doughecka: wb8elk, how do you stream to that UK site? flash?
8:37 wb8elk: Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder - free program
8:37 wb8elk: but you have to join the BATC to use their streaming video
8:37 wb8elk: it's about $6 a year though
8:38 doughecka: awesome.... I use the same software, or wirecast for more advanced stuff. 
8:39 doughecka: wee, sounds like a payload is powered up
8:39 doughecka: dominoex + rtty
8:45 doughecka: $$WB84LK,6,12:44:09,3912.33,-08555.06,182,07,6.14,14*68
8:48 wb8elk: yes...I'm able to copy the DominoEX16 off the Ustream feed and post it to <URL removed> 
8:51 wb8elk: RTTY is 110 baud 8-bit no parity 1 stop bit
8:51 doughecka: and I grabbed it
8:51 wb8elk: if using FLdigi you have to set that up as Custom RTTY
8:51 wb8elk: under the RTTY menu section
8:52 doughecka: yep
8:53 ronlandrus: Video and audio are good here Ron wb8yfl
8:53 doughecka: whitestarwikiwebsite/doku.php?id=launches:highball:captured_telemetry_data
9:08 kdkaiser: What frequency will the DominoEX16 be on?
9:09 doughecka: 144.340 MHz
9:09 doughecka: 9:09:44
9:10 tdmart05: yep
9:10 kdkaiser: 13:09:47 UTC
9:21 doughecka: nice
9:27 tdmart05: 9:26:45 EDT 13:26:45 UTC
9:30 doughecka: is someone recording audio?
9:30 ronlandrus: Good launch!
9:31 doughecka: http://ap<remove>rs<addperiod>fi/?call=a%2FWB8ELK-11
9:44 wb8elk: Dan is recording audio at the launchsite
9:44 wb8elk: he'll be back streaming in a minute
9:46 wb8elk: altitude field shows 6943 meters  on that screen
9:46 wb8elk: 08 satellites tracked
9:46 wb8elk: 07 satellites now
9:46 wb8elk: 7694 meters
9:50 doughecka: whats the distance its planned to travel across land?
9:50 kb9zwl: 29309ft @ 13:49
9:51 tdmart05: ~28 miles
9:52 tdmart05: bearing 147
10:00 tdmart05: those number are base on w3Baltrak Output
10:08 kb9zwl: 49862ft @ 14:08z
10:15 tdmart05: we have sat coverage
10:18 doughecka: 61000ft
10:24 kb9zwl: sure looks just like my handheld lol
10:25 doughecka: heh... hopefully that battery has a good charge
10:25 doughecka: I can't remember the last time it was charged.
10:33 doughecka: it looks like it popped?
10:33 kb9zwl: appears so
10:34 kb9zwl: 14:29z 70041ft
10:34 doughecka: pretty good
10:36 kb9zwl: seems we've lost tracking last i have i 57181 @ 14:29z
10:47 tdmart05: falling about 1400 ft/min
10:47 tdmart05: 450m /min
10:47 doughecka: pretty quick
10:48 zuph: Finally set some data to the sat modem
10:51 zuph: Received an SENT ACK
10:51 doughecka: sweet
10:51 zuph: Heh
10:51 zuph: That just means the packet has been sent by the satellite network
10:52 tdmart05: seems to falling over Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuage at 21000 ft
10:52 doughecka: antenna worked pretty well last night
10:52 zuph: Good
10:52 zuph: Sorry I couldn't make it to the meeting
10:52 doughecka: amazing what happens with a real dipole minus 24 feet of lossy coax
10:53 tdmart05: no problem
10:53 zuph: heh
10:53 zuph: Stupid lossy feedline.
10:54 tdmart05: should have touchdown in 10 mins
10:59 doughecka: is dan going to get it?
10:59 tdmart05: no idea
11:00 tdmart05: hey brad does this chat log get saved?
11:02 wb8elk: <URL removed>
11:03 wb8elk: to track the chase vehicle: N9QGS-9
11:04 tdmart05: on BATC?
11:05 wb8elk: <URL removed>   to track
11:05 doughecka: http://aprs<addperiod>fi/?call=N9QGS-9
11:05 wb8elk: and enter N9QGS-9
11:05 doughecka: its removing the url
11:05 doughecka: http:// aprs<addperiod>fi/?call=N9QGS-9
11:06 zuph: Heh
11:07 zuph: I turned links on :)
11:07 doughecka: http://aprs.fi/?call=N9QGS-9
11:08 doughecka: I'ved dumped the chat log to the piggyback wiki
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