Flight Rules

These will be rules that are defined ahead of time, to allow quick decision-making to decide when to launch, or react to in-flight conditions.

Critical Mission Control Inflight Tasks

Scheduled Events

All times are balloon local time

  • Sunrise-3h
    • Reduce Ballast Low Altitude threshold by 3000m (current threshold-3000)
  • Sunrise+2h
    • Increase Ballast Low Altitude threshold by 3000m or as desired (current threshold+3000)

Launch Opportunity Selection

Predicted Flight Path

Optimized Distance

  1. Flight path predictions for five pressure altitudes of 300mb, 275mb, 250mb, 225mb, 200mb should be reviewed.
    1. These should reasonably similar in direction and speed, from launch to landfall

Overflight Rules

  • No flight over Class B Airspace in US, except by prior arrangement (possibly Cincinnati)

Meteorological Rules

  • No dense cirrus cloud coverage above (minimize impact of ice snow)
  • No think cumulus cloud coverage below (minimize impact of lack of terrestrial radiation)

Ballast Jettison

  • If over land, considering the risk of fire to persons and property on the ground.
    • Ballast should not be jettisoned while on the ground, or below 1000m mean sea level
    • Ballast should be completely jettisoned before any cutdown if time permits
  • If over land, and IMMEDIATE cutdown is requested by ATC
    • Cutdown first, then jettison while on descent
    • Stop jettison 1000m above mean sea level

Flight Termination

Remotely Commanded Flight termination will be delayed by the latency of the satellite network at command issuance.


  • National Government Aviation Agencies (All ATC facilities)
  • International Aviation Agencies
  • National State Departments

Predicted Trajectory

  • Class B Airspace Overflight imminent
    • Consideration: Avoiding dense population centers
    • Run Ball-Track for descent predictions - aim for unpopulated areas

Flight Systems Failures

Certain flight systems failures, combinations of failures, or malfunctions, may create the consideration for remotely commanded termination.

  • GPS
  • Battery voltage dropping too fast
  • Ballast Controller unresponsive
    • Continue flight until other termination rules are breached

Flight Dynamics

  • Natural descent that will land the balloon in a populated area, and there is not enough time for alcohol to fully drain before landing
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