Live Video streaming

Actual Video Streaming ideas

The easiest way to get video into a computer is to use a DV camcorder with firewire output, and a PC with a firewire port… that'll get you the video and audio from the camera directly into whatever software is used for streaming (adobe flash encoder is free and works well). Worse case we use the camera on a laptop… the biggest trick of all is the internet connection.

what we need:

  • Camera (cheaper DV camera that has a firewire port ON the camera, not on a 'dock', otherwise we can't mount camera on tripod) (Todd said he may have camera that will work)
  • Modern laptop with working firewire port (Windows or 10.5+ OS X)
  • Firewire cable. Preferably long enough to give camera some freedom of movement without a laptop to drag around. Tad may have one of these and will check
  • Internet (tether, mifi, nearby house with cantenna, ip via pidgin/bongo drums)

We will need to get someone who has a camera to bring it or donate it (DV cameras are rather old-hat now, and perhaps someone has one sitting in a drawer, after getting replaced by a modern HD camcorder?). And if anyone has any better ways of getting the video into the PC, by all means let us know! Its kinda hard to beat a single cable, but if someone has a ready-to-go solution that would be preferred… :)

Also with a DV camera we could RECORD the entire thing on tape at the same time as streaming…. for archival/youtube. Streaming via cell phone will have to be LOW quality, and definitely not suitable for archival purposes. Of course additional camcorders and cameras would also be good too. You can't have too much footage.

Internet ideas

Cell based ideas

Obviously a 'mifi' based solution would be best, so that multiple systems can use the internet. However, internet via cell is still rather slow and unreliable, and feeding a live video stream across it will be challenging. There are professional solutions: but are expensive.

Regional Wifi/Wimax

From our good friends at If we are in range of one of their towers, we could stick their radio up on a pole and aim at the nearby tower. +38° 11' 45.25”, -85° 32' 1.08” location of large grass area within wifi range for bluegrass.

Local internet

If we are at a location that has power and internet, we could utilize point to point wifi to get the internet to our launch location and share it from there. 2.4ghz access points, directional, for $50 each, pay slightly more for 5ghz, which would offer some interference protection. Share via wifi or via ethernet switch at the launch site. If we are nearby some friendly neighbors that wouldn't mind sharing their internet, one of these wifi access points can act as a stand-alone client, and share internet to the local ethernet (acting 'backwards' so to speak, to a regular access point)

Non-internet idea for video streaming

We could utilize Amateur Television to get reasonably high quality (SD) video from launch site back somewhere with internet, and stream that to internet from there. Local internet via cell could then be used just for telemetry. An alternative to uploading telemetry could also be to utilize ham radio APRS and packet to get the data to the internet, and as a result, our servers that monitor the APRS internet feed:

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