Cryogenic Materials and Equipment Testing

Tests Not Ready To Be Performed

Component and Material Testing

  • Cryo15: Envelope sensor wire flexibility
  • Cryo6: Ice/frost formation
  • Cryo8: Battery pack insulation
  • Cryo10: Sensor tubing flexibility + joint seals
  • Cryo19: Bill's Adhesive
  • Cryo20: eTape liquid level sensor
  • Cryo21: Test all unproven connectors
  • Cryo23: Test kerosene - viscosity and flow rate
  • Cryo24.1: Retest of AA Lithium Battery capacity at -40C

System Integration Testing

  • Cryo3: Operation of Balloon overflow valve
  • Cryo5: Flight computer
  • Cryo11: Balloon sensors
  • Cryo12: Power Controller
  • Cryo13: Ballast controller
  • Cryo14: Strobe
  • Cryo17: Cloud Presence Sensor
  • Cryo18: Deadman/Active Cutdown module
  • Cryo7: Ice detection sensor
  • Cryo9: Battery Pack heater + algorithm

Tests Ready To Be Performed / In progress

Tests Completed, need to finish data results writeup

  • Cryo1: Comparison of several battery types at -55C
  • Cryo24: Lithium AA Capacity test
  • Cryo22: AA Lithium Battery performance discharge curves
  • Cryo2: Flow rate calibration of ballast v1

Tests Completed

  • Cryo16: Satellite modem in flight
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